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Life As A Car Guy, SEMA 2013 Part 4: Top 10 Import Tuner Cars, aka JDM/KDM Love

We call them JDM, but in the United States, they call them imports. The term can mean any car make that isn’t American, but when you say the term “import” to a gearhead (the American term for “petrolhead”), they usually think Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru or Mazda. The Japanese makes still dominate the import scene, […]

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Track Runner: Toyota Corolla

When the owner of this stunning Toyota Corolla wanted to build a light and agile street/track car, he spared no expense in backing up the whole effort. After all, it was supposed to deliver a high level of performance in a car show-worthy package. Quite difficult and very costly, but based on the outcome and […]

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