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Highway Paddock: A visit to Tatsumi PA

After our variety-filled trip to Daikoku PA, our gracious hosts decided we should see another area where Tokyo locals gather as well. The past couple years have seen some coverage of this ‘Tatsumi PA’ on the internet, yet I always question why this tiny parking area gets as much raves as the much more prominent […]

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Novitec Rosso Edizione 747

Ciao Scudiera!

German-based Ferrari tuner Novitec Rosso recently unleashed their new bi-compressor supercharged F430 Edizione 747 to bid farewell to the F430 Scudiera. The new powerhouse boasts of 747-horsepower at 8500rpm and 738Nm of torque at 6300rpm, capable of going from 0-300km/h in 22.9 seconds and tops out at 351 km/h. (more…)

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