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So You Want to Tune Your Honda Part 3: Sunny Side Up Honda EG

Honda EG6

Now that we’ve seen a couple of modification paths to be taken with the EK civic, we’ll move to another Civic platform that is still truly well loved by your friendly neighborhood Honda guy. From being grandma’s grocery getter, to being crashed by a teenage riceboy, and all the way to duking it out with the big boys on the track, the Civic EG is a tiny hatchback that’s truly seen it all.

Honda Civic EG

The example we have here is as far from rolling stock as chocolate is from being counted as a “vegetable”. What you actually see here is a full conversion of the local EG4 into a Civic SiR EG6, the closest thing to a ‘Type R’ for the EG chassis. Besides that, most of the parts that make up this yellow hatchback come from Spoon Sports, a shop so famous that it should be a household name to you if you’ve been working on a Honda yourself.


While Mugen is the official in-house tuning arm for Honda, Spoon on the other hand has cemented itself as a Honda specialist purely through their sheer experience in racing and motorsports. And with that experience came the development of various parts and go-fast bits for pretty much every Honda available back in the 90’s till the present. Today, Spoon is known for their active participation in endurance races like Super Taikyu or the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Honda Civic EG engine

Given their background for endurance racing, Spoon has always had a mindset of getting the most power and efficiency out of a motor while maintaining its reliability throughout the race. That said, their crate motors have somewhat become the ‘Holy Grail’ of the Honda aftermarket at one point or another. While this B18C isn’t one of those engines, it certainly does have a lot of goods underneath – and around it – that come off the shelf from Spoon.

Yellow valve cover

The B18C itself, aside from the Spoon valve cover and Kevlar plug cover is home to a pair of Spoon camshafts and cam gears that draw out that extra bit of lift to add a healthy dose of naturally aspirated power.

Spoon radiator hose

It’s down to the little bits with this car really, what makes it extra special is the fact that no stone has been left unturned by something to come off the aftermarket. Be it these radiator hoses…

Spoon exhaust manifold

These headers…

Reservoir sock

Or these socks to prevent contamination from fluid spills, everything has been accounted for to ensure that the motor stays running healthy throughout its lifetime.

Spoon N1 muffler

The Spoon N1 exhaust may have plenty of imitations, but this car won’t have anything but the real deal! Always the first telltale sign of a ‘Spoon Car’, the N1 muffler provides a subtle look but with enough flow for the naturally aspirated motor to breathe down on.

Spoon brake calipers

One other thing to keep an eye out for are these ever-coveted Spoon monoblock 4-pot brake calipers. Hiding beneath the black 5-spoke Spoon SW388 wheels, these shiny blue calipers are far beyond their worth in bling when this EG gets driven hard!

Tow hook

Spoon has been producing lots of random bits and pieces for Hondas over the years, and some of them have already ended production and have since become rare. One such item is this Spoon Tow Hook; an original item might cost you a rather hefty sum! To give you an idea of how much value these things hold, I’ve heard stories as absurd as a friend being offered a trio of Defi BF Gauges and Controller for his Spoon Tow Hook. Imagine that!


Exterior bits and pieces is one thing, but to replicate a full version of another interior is another. This EG, while having a fair share of aftermarket bits like the seats and the Spoon Steering Wheel, also has a full EG6 Gathers interior to complete that JDM feel all throughout.

Instrument cluster

This is a clear cut definition of the devil being in the details, as things like this EG6 JDM cluster would go unnoticed to the untrained eye while being fawned over by the discerning ones. Or that Buddy Club shift lamp perhaps?

Defi gauges

Helping to keep the motor in check are these trio of Defi Red Racing gauges mounted on an Omori gauge pod for the center of the dash. Fancy how these gauges are mounted, as they seem to add more to that 90’s feel of the interior while being functional at the same time!

So you wanna tune your Honda?

So there you have it, three excellent examples of the basic tuning approaches to be taken with Hondas. Let these serve as a guide on your aftermarket journey, and hopefully these basics will allow you to find the perfect setup to suit your taste and purpose for your vehicle. We hope that you can continue to strive for perfection in modification, all the while injecting your own little twist to your own projects, just as these Hondas have!

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Mark Luna for providing his three Honda Civics for our reference.

1993 Honda Civic SiR EG6

Engine & Driveline

B18C5 Integra Type R 2000 Spec Engine

Split Second Hybrid Racing Clutch

Spoon N1 Chambered Muffler

DC2 Integra Type R Midpipe

Spoon 4-2-1 Headers

Spoon Camshafts

Spoon Camgears

Spoon LSD

Top Fuel Air Intake

Spoon Valve Cover

Spoon Braided High Tension Wires

Spoon Kevlar Spark Plug Cover

Koyo Aluminum Radiator

FAL Slim Radiator Fan

Spoon Radiator Hoses

Spoon Radiator Cap

Spoon Oil Cap

Spoon socks

Spoon Braided Ground Wires

Tein Hood Damper

Billion Power Steering Tank

Greddy Breather Tank

Greddy Cooling Plate

Greddy Oil Catch Tank

Greddy non-pressurized Radiator Cap

Greddy Turbo Timer

Greddy Water Temp Sensor

Pivot Raizin Volt Stabilizer

Brakes, Footwork, & Suspension

Spoon Front Upper Strut Bar

Spoon Front Lower Tie Bar

Spoon Rear Upper Strut Bar

Spoon Rear Lower Tie Bar

Function7 Rear Subframe

Function7 Rear Lower Control Arms

Cusco Rear Sway Bar

Techno Pro Spirit Coilovers

Spoon Twin Block Front Calipers

Civic Type R 5-lug 4-wheel disc brake conversion

Civic Type R Hydrovac

Spoon SW388 16”

Spoon Lugnuts

205/45R16 Bridgestone RE-01


Spoon Yellow paint by Split Second

EG6 Front Bumper

Spoon Chin

EG6 Rear Bumper

Vision Amber Cornerlights

Spoon CF Wing

Spoon CF Trunk

Spoon CF Hood

EG6 Brown back glass with rear wiper & defogger

Spoon window visor

Spoon Kevlar Side Mirrors

Spoon Wipers

Spoon Front and Rear Towhooks

Mitsuba Horns

Spoon Plate Frames

VTX HID 3000K Headlights

Carmate ex-41 tilting plate holder


Takata Harnesses

Bride XAX II Seats

Gathers Black rear seats

Gathers Black long armrest

Gathers Black front sidings

Gathers rear sidings with speaker grilles

Gathers rear sub

Spoon Gen 1 Steering Wheel

EK Tilting Steering Column

EG6 White Gauges (JDM)

Defi Red Racing 52mm gauges (Oil temp, Oil pres, Water temp)

Omori Gauge Panel

Spoon Titanium Shift Knob

Civic Type R Pedals

EG6 LHD Audio Console

EG6 Black carpet

EG6 Footrest

EG6 black side sills

EG6 Matting

EG6 Sunroof

EG6 Map lights

EG6 Amber Climate Control

EG6 Amber Clock

EG6 Dashboard Switches (Sunroof, Front and rear foglights, traction control, defogger, retractable power mirrors)

EG6 Armrest Switches (Pole and half)

EG6 Rear Wiper Arm Control

Civic Type R 16” Reserve Donut tire

DC5 Push Button Start Switch

5zigen Shift Light

In Car Entertainment

Alpine 9886 Head Unit

Alpine 4pc seps

Gathers 8pc rear midranges

Photos by Jet Rabe

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