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Sponsored Video: Toyota’s take on Domino Effects

Toyota Dominoes

We are not strangers to the succession of falling dominoes as an analogy for one event causing a chain of other events. Often the notion of ‘falling’ denotes some tone of negativity to such terms, yet a domino effect can certainly work towards something good. When one organization makes innovative moves, others will soon follow. Such is the case for Toyota, whose mass production of hybrid vehicles as early as 1997 meant that their competitors would follow suit in pursuit of greener means of motoring.

That said, Toyota sees this domino effect in a very positive light. With hybrid vehicles already being offered as standard for various vehicles the world over, the development of an even more sustainable means of motoring continues. For Toyota, the next step towards that goal is to provide vehicles that are capable of running on Fuel Cell technology. FCVs, or Fuel Cell Vehicles, are cars that are powered by the chemical reaction of Hydrogen and Oxygen in a cell that generates electricity to send power to an electric motor. With Hydrogen being an abundant resource, this serves to be a very viable means of propulsion in the near future. Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, Toyota has been developing FCVs in limited numbers to gauge its feasibility in a real-life setting. In 2013, the Toyota FCV Concept was unveiled at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, giving us a quick glimpse at Toyota’s take on sustainable motoring for the future.


Today, Toyota embodies their work towards sustainable motoring with this short clip on their take of how domino effects should be. Have a look:

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