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So You Want to Tune Your Honda (Part 2): Mugen Power

Infinite Power

Now that we’ve gone over the OEM+ (Read: using OEM parts from other countries for that factory-yet-unique look) approach with building a Honda, let’s go over some of the aftermarket aesthetics as well as some serious performance touches that can further enhance these vehicles. For this article we’ll go over another EK Civic, this time a version that has been fitted with goods from one of the pillars of the Honda aftermarket, Mugen.


Mugen, when translated from Japanese means “Infinite” or “Unlimited”, hence the word ‘Power’ almost always denoted after their logo. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Honda aftermarket scene over the years, chances are you come across parts from Mugen on a regular basis. Whether it’s for one-off parts, special edition Honda models, or Japanese Touring Cars of lore, Mugen has made its name for itself by representing the Honda Motor Company in motorsports since 1973. Given their prowess in building cars for the track, it was only a matter of time since they started selling performance parts for existing Honda models to end users for street use.

Civic SiR

This matte red EK SiR is one such example of a Honda adorned with a good chunk of the Mugen parts catalog. While the exterior is nothing too wild, a full Mugen wrap-around kit consisting of a front chin, side skirt, and rear valence just adds enough edge to the civic to give it a sporty look. Other notable goods installed would be an EK9 Type R front consisting of the grille, headlights, and whole front bumper as well as a custom dry carbon fiber hood.

Mugen MF10

For the diehard Honda fans, highly likely the centerpiece of this whole car would be this rare set of Mugen MF-10s sized 16×7 all around. Since this set has been discontinued years ago, these days sets of these are hard to come by on a regular basis!

Slotted rotors

A peek underneath the spokes of the MF-10 reveals a rather sorted brake setup. A Type R 5-lug conversion matched with Mugen calipers in front with Endless brake pads and slotted rotors all around ensures that this civic has the stoppers to bring it to a proper halt when needed.

Engine Bay

It’s one thing to have a Honda with a ‘Mugen Kit’, it’s another thing entirely to build one that sticks to that theme even beyond skin-deep aesthetics. Under the dry carbon bonnet lies a B18C from a ’99 spec Integra Type R that’s been augmented with various aftermarket modifications, with Mugen parts being at the heart of it all.

_MG_3308-12 _MG_3310-10

Probably the most prominent of these items would be the gunmetal Mugen Valve Cover as well as the Cold Air Intake Box. Aside from these goodies however, other parts from Greddy, Koyo, and Spoon also compliment the motor to ensure that it will stay in tip-top shape even in the most demanding of conditions.

Bride x Takata

One look at this EK’s interior and it would be easy to tell that it’s been spoiled for choice. Bride seats flanked with Takata harnesses have always been a staple seat and harness combo for JDM-inspired vehicles. It appears you really can never go wrong with that combo as it not only looks good, but it’s also there to keep the driver planted and safe when cornering as well as in an accident!


The driver’s input devices have all been swapped for Mugen items as well. From the R1 Steering Wheel, to the shifter, and even the gauge cluster, the interior also gets its fair share of details to remind the driver that he or she is driving a high performance Honda.

Rear shot

So there you have it, a version of the EK Civic that leans towards a subtle yet aggressive aftermarket look backed up with reliable performance from a company with a long-standing motorsports background. Stay tuned for the last part of this series as we talk you through the last of the three Hondas, the Spoon Yellow EG Hatch.

1999 Honda Civic EK4 SiR Mugen

Engine & Driveline

  • B18C5 from ’99 Spec Integra Type R 5M/T
  • Mugen Full Exhaust (Twin Loop Muffler)
  • SARD Test Pipe
  • Mugen Valve Cover
  • Mugen Oil Cap
  • Mugen Radiator Cap
  • Mugen Fuel Cap Cover
  • Spoon High Tension Wires
  • Greddy Air Diversion Plate
  • Greddy Oil Catch Tank
  • Greddy Non-pressurized Rad Cap
  • Greddy Water temp sensor
  • Samco Radiator Hoses
  • Koyo Radiator
  • FAL Slim Radiator Fan
  • Spoon Radiator Stay
  • Spoon Engine Damper
  • Greddy Turbo Timer
  • Civic Type R Harness and ECU
  • Mugen Cold Air Intake
  • Skunk2 Battery Tie Down

Brakes, Footwork, & Suspension

  • Cusco Floor Bar
  • Civic Type R Shocks and Springs
  • Mugen Front and Rear Upper Strut
  • Cusco Rear Sway bar
  • ASR Rear Subframe
  • Buddy Club Lower Control Arms
  • Tanabe Rear Tie Bar
  • Mugen Front Calipers
  • Civic Type R 5-lug 4-wheel disc brake conversion
  • Endless Brake Pads
  • Slotted front and rear rotors
  • Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Civic Type R Hydrovac
  • Mugen MF-10 Bronze 16×7
  • Bridgestone 205/45R16


  • Anzahl Matte Red Paint
  • Civic Type R Front Bumper
  • Mugen Front Chin
  • Mugen Side Skirts
  • Mugen Rear Valence
  • Civic Type R Smoked Headlights
  • VTX HID 8000K Bi-Xenon headlamps
  • Duck Tail wing
  • EK4 matching Green Glass (Front, sides, back w/ rear wiper)
  • J’s Racing Front Tow Hook
  • Mitsuba Horns
  • Dry Carbon Hood
  • Tein Hood Damper
  • Civic Type R Grille
  • EK4 Sunroof Conversion
  • EK4 Retractable Side Mirrors


  • EK9 Climate Control
  • Mugen R1 Steering Wheel
  • Mugen Gauge Cluster
  • Bride Cuga HL Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • DB8 Rear Seats
  • EK4 Black front & rear sidings
  • Civic Type R Visors
  • Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover
  • Defi Red Racing 52mm gauges (Oil temp, Oil Pres)
  • Mugen Shift Knob
  • Civic Type R Shifter Linkage
  • EK9 Shift boot
  • Mugen Pedals
  • Civic Type R Big Cupholders
  • Civic Type R Carpets
  • EK4 Footrest
  • Civic Type R Reserve Donut tire

In Car Entertainment

  • Alpine 9886 HU
  • EK4 Tweeter Pods
  • Focal 165fx Separates
  • Focal is690 Subs
  • Sonus Ecstatic Amp
  • Stinger Battery Terminals

Photos By Jet Rabe

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