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Short throw Shifter

Drivetrain Modification

Enabling your Drivetrain to handle your “tuned” engine Opening the carbon fiber hood of your ride, you gaze at all those engine mods you made, like the HKS fuel rail, the SARD fuel pressure regulator, the TODA cams and adjustable cam gears, the RC fuel injectors, and all the go-fast engine goodies that just goes […]

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H&R Triple C Camber Bolts

Adjustable Camber Plates

Now you can alter the camber settings on your car, anytime, anywhere, whether for street or track use. Camber Basics Before we begin, let’s give a rundown on what camber is and how does this affect your car’s overall handling. Remember that camber angle is made by the wheel that exhibits itself either as, positive […]

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Not All Oils Are Equal

Engine oils were made to clean, and lubricate engines. Advanced synthesizing and refining of lubricants have actually helped engines perform more efficiently while producing more power with less wear. (more…)

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What is Horsepower?

How do you define Horsepower? A good way to effectively explain this word is to give a glimpse of history back to the time of the British inventor James Watt (1736-1819). It was Watt who coined the term “horsepower,” to increase sales of his improved steam engines. (more…)

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