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Lamborghini LP988 Edizione GT tuned by DMC

German exotic car tuner DMC is known for their soft-spot for the Aventador, (since they made quite a lot of customized variants of it), they have just revealed their most outrageous and possibly most powerful Aventador, the LP988 Edizione GT.

It looks menacing and wide but it still meets road legality status so it can be still be posed around town.  The Edizione GT kit features a huge carbon fiber rear diffuser and also a large wing that has 3 different angle settings, also made from carbon fiber.


The carbon fiber treatment is also used on the front lip portion of the car.  Additions to the already extravagant exterior are the large multi-spoked wheels and a red and black two-tone interior.

DMC has not forgotten about the engine and has also tweaked it for added performance.  Each cylinder is provided with a throttle plate, new fuel lines,  new fuel pumps,  and injection nozzles. A twin-turbo modification and a remapped ECU is used.  DMC itself has not divulged the power rating but given that it is called the LP988, your guess is as good as mine that the power’s been upped from 700PS, to 988PS.

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