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Gran Turismo 5 goes 2.0

GT5 goes 2.0

Apple isn’t the only big news with a major update this month; Polyphony Digital, the developers of Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3, released the version 2.0 update to the cult racing simulator game.

After a year from its long-awaited release, the Gran Turismo 5 racing simulator gets a major overhaul, being upgraded to version 2.0. The upgrades include an interior/cabin view (previously only available for premium vehicles in the game), shortened game load times (GT5 has a really long load time for its racetracks) and menu response times.

GT5 spec 2.0 also gets the capability to save progress for its many endurance races, as in the original version you had to restart the race if you had to turn off your PS3. Developers also announced an upgrade to the cars’ physics and computer A.I. for even better realism. The player also gets better control of the weather, as well as added support for the newer Logitech G27 and backward compatibility for the G25 racing wheels.
The upgrade also features a cool new opening movie.

In addition to the free upgrade, GT5 developers also announced new content for the game with several packages. The Course Pack dowloads includes Circuit Spa-Francorchamps while a Racing Car Pack includes 12 new cars from various manufacturers, and even gets Red Bull X2011 Prototype.

A new Downloadable Content (DLC) Compatibility has also been implemented as part of the update. Additional content for the game will be made available for purchase on the Playstation Store. The DLC will be made available beginning October 18, 2011.

The update will cost you about 1GB of download time. But it is very much worth the wait. In addition, the new opening movie is available for download under Gran Turismo TV and is a great addition to the new update.

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