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Fit to Perfection


The Honda Fit or Jazz as it is locally known, has been enjoying its share of customization, modification or whatever the owners like to call what they do to their cars. But the problem is, they all seem to look alike. And most have left out what it takes to make their cars look clean.
The small car offers an almost limitless possibilities to modify. When the owner found out about the Spoon modified version, he got inspired and wanted one for himself. First off was to throw away the generic Jazz badge and stick on a JDM Fit badge.

Then came the healthy dose of JDM parts mostly from Spoon, starting with a little diet. A carbon fiber hood and rear wing was in order to remove excess weight and give the car an aggressive appeal. The messy looking stock roof antenna was also replaced to a Spoon antenna. A pair of Cusco tow hooks was installed to add some orange JDM flavor to the exterior.

Under the hood, the oil filler cap and radiator caps were replaced with Spoon ones and a pair of reservoir covers were installed to complete the aesthetics. For performance, the Spoon N1 tail silencer was the weapon of choice coupled with the midpipe. Since Spoon didn’t have an open-type air cleaner, an HKS Super Power Flow intake was used.


Realizing that he had to make his car look different from the rest, a set of 16-inch Spoon SW388 wheels were in order to give the car a really agressive stance and a wider track. Also helping with the footwork is a set of Tein Type Street adjustable coilvers. A Spoon strut tower bar was also installed to reduce body roll.


Inside the car, the most noticeable would be the pair of blue Recaro seats from a special edition DC5 Integra Type-R was installed. Additional instrumentation is provided by three DEFI black face units. Safety was still a concern, so the stock SRS equipped unit stays for the meantime.


You might wonder how this car even got here being modified so little. Less is more in many cases, and this is definitely the answer to what made this car get featured here. Flashy paint and an overly done exterior don’t always make your car look good. Most of the time, a subtle treatment is all it takes to make your car all that.

Fit to Perfection: Honda Fit (Jazz) Gallery

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