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Family Duties: Subaru Legacy Wagon with a kick

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Did you remember the time when you had to sell the car you built?  The moment you see someone drive away with your car, you remember the time, blood, sweat you invested on it. It’s a sad moment but we all eventually have to let the car go. Eventually our priorities change as we get older, for the better.

Mark Cupino sold his beloved Subaru Impreza STi to prioritize his family. There is a small part of him that regrets this decision but there wasn’t really much of a choice. Now the search was on for his new replacement, it got him thinking, what could be a suitable car coming from his beloved ride? What can accommodate his family and at the same time give him the “fun to drive” factor? He eventually ended up getting a Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon. Cupino’s vision was simple, he just wanted to build a car that matched his standards and at the same time can be used by his family for daily use. To put it simple, this was the outcome.

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With the way he handpicked the parts, he wanted the car to be “timeless”. A car that, no matter how old it gets, no matter what era , the car would still be appreciated by everyone. Since safety was his primary concern he installed AP Racing pro 5000+ brakes for the front and the rear. To match the brakes, he mounted a set of 19-inch Rays G25 wheels.


If the 4WD wasn’t enough, he installed K-Sport Coilovers as well as Hard Race control arms & Cusco stabilizers. Although these are parts that aren’t seen, these are essential to keeping the car safe and planted on the road.

Other than the parts you see outside, the small details of this car are on point. Subtle red and black details are seen throughout the exterior from the carbon fiber door handles to the blacked out roof.


Legacy Wagon Gallery

250 WHP / 270 WTQ

Engine and Driveline:

OEM 2.5GT Turbo

Custom Cold Air Intake

Custom Charge Pipes

STi Genome Exhaust

Custom Front Mount Intercooler

Samco Radiator Hose

Brakes Wheels & Tires:

AP Racing Pro 5000+ Brakes Front

AP Racing Pro 5000+ Brakes Rear

18×9.5 +35 Volk Racing G25

Bridgestone RE11 19-inch 265/35/19

Chasis and Suspension:

Cusco Front Lower Arm Bar

Cusco Rear Lower Arm Bar

Hard Race Lower Control Arms

K-Sport Coilovers (12kg Front, 12kg Rear)


Greddy Boost Multi D/A Gauge

HKS Turbo Timer


K2 Gear Hood Scoop

K2 Gear Front Bumper

STi Side Skirts

Custom Rear Diffuser

Custom Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover

Custom Carbon Fiber Door Handle Insert

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