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Family in Diversity: The Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted Anniversary Meet


Have you ever thought about how car clubs could be a tad bit cliquish? How people on one club have nothing to talk about other than their own cars, all the while thinking that their car is better than their contemporaries. Heck, some cars would even have two or three separate clubs dedicated to them, divided mostly due to politics. Such is the state of clubs nowadays that being a part of one club already serves as a barrier to the other.


The irony of it all comes from being part of a club to get to know the community, yet you are being shut off from some parts of it because of irrelevant issues and conflicts. Why can’t everyone just get along? Is it possible for us to put things like money, recognition, and ‘street cred’ aside just so we can help each other out with making our cars better? Judging from what the guys at Stance Pilipinas are doing, it seems that there is a part of the community dedicated to doing just that; helping people to improve our car community’s quality by pushing people to build their cars properly, whatever their discipline.


While Stance Pilipinas obviously caters to individuals who work towards slamming their vehicles to the ground with fitted wheels, every type of vehicle is well represented their monthly meets. Be it Japanese, German, Sedan, Coupe, or Van, all the cars present share a couple common attributes; a floor hugging ride height, and friendly faces behind the steering wheel.


Almost every car at the meet makes a different statement, each with an individual that has somehow infused their own twist and touch into their vehicle. This particular variety makes for interesting conversation pieces among the attendees, and is always something that people look forward to seeing.


Heck, even cars that aren’t as aesthetically driven could be seen during the afternoon! Performance oriented builds – provided they’re built with equal taste and attention – are also very much welcome to the meets as well. Here we find a trio of rear wheel drive Nissans representing the Drive Hard Crew. These guys, while they’re more at home driving out on sierra madre, are very much affiliated with Stance Pilipinas and are regular attendees of the monthly meets.


Such is the bond that people make through these meets that more often than not the cars that are regulars to the meet already have a bunch of stickers attached to represent their friends in the scene. Imagine how these little adhesive things can go a long way when it comes to making statements or displaying allegiances, the possibilities are endless!


To some the monthly meets would be seen just as a gathering of friends, to others an opportunity to showcase some new parts on their cars. What you see on this Hyundai Genesis is probably the only set of SSR SP1s currently in the country that have been painted in Spectrum Silver*, one of the more intricate finishes on their catalog. Parts like these take time and lots of connections – not to mention some seriously disposable income – to bring into the country, so you can just imagine how much these guys invest into their cars to make their build that much better! In a way, these meets help influence people and serves as a gauge on how to build their cars and make it stand out compared to the next guy.

*This set of wheels really does deserve a proper close-up shot on its own. A quick google search of “SSR SP1 Spectrum Silver” will reveal just how special this set becomes under proper light. Something to drool over for sure!


In a way, this photo pretty much sums up how it is to be at the meets of Stance Pilipinas. A clear-skyed weekend afternoon at a parking lot hanging out with good friends alongside cars that appear to have acrophobia, not that that’s a bad thing! While stance may not be for everyone, these meets will always be here to push individuals into churning out properly built machines. We congratulate Stance Pilipinas on their 5th year anniversary, and we surely look forward to more years of down to earth goodness ahead!


Photos by Jet Rabe