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Beyond strikes and turkeys: The Bowler D90


What is the simplest explanation to justify our love for modifying our cars? Let’s say we default to a statement like ‘We want to make our cars better.’ When we say this though, the word ‘better’ could mean a lot of things. Our cars could look better, drive better, or feel better. While that’s huge ground to cover, common sense dictates that most of us build our cars to go faster. Sure there are a lot of bits and pieces for cars to go faster, but what if there is that need to go faster even beyond the reaches of pavement? What if even through dirt, mud, and rocks you’ll need to maintain a quick pace?


Enter the Bowler D90. A vehicle that started out as a Land Rover Defender 190, this particular unit has received a plethora of parts from the Bowler catalog. Bowler Motorsports is particularly known for specializing in race-prepped off road vehicles, using Land Rovers as their platform of choice. Seeing as their vehicles are regular participants of the Dakar rally, there’s no questioning what kind of R&D goes into their parts!


While they have one-off cars like the Bowler Nemesis or the EXR, the D90 serves as an introductory off-roader for individuals looking to get into the various disciplines of off-road rally. Given that the base platform is a Defender 190, much needs to be done if Bowler were to give its bulk some hustle through the dirt.


Seeing as mother nature will surely beat this car up more than any paved surface would, the D90 is fitted with a host of Aluminum Bumpers, Steering protector plates, and Mud Guards to ensure all the essential running gear is well guarded. All this while staying true to the iconic look of the Land Rovers too!

The footwork has been addressed with Bowler’s own suspension system. With custom-specced components from bilstein as well as ARB’s bushings and steering dampers, this kit from Bowler guarantees that the D90 can take a good trashing while maintaining good pace.


Any enthusiast of these british lumps would tell you that they aren’t exactly the most reliable of motors, yet it somehow adds to the charm of the Land Rover they’ve come to love. Thankfully for this particular Rover though, Bowler had the bases covered with the engine department as well. A Turbo Technics VGT Hybrid Turbo, a Bowler Stage 2 Engine Tune, and a 3” Full Exhaust all contribute to the 190bhp this Defender puts out. Seems underwhelming, no? Due to this motor being a diesel, the astonishing bit of this is actually its torque. Rated at 500Nm, the D90 stands a better chance at pulling itself out of tight spots and rough terrain.


The off-road prep has extended to the interior as well, as this car surely doesn’t just play the part of an off-roader; it has to actually work too. A Momo steering wheel, Recaro Seats, and a rather eye-catching pair of billet aluminum shifters will give the driver that much more involvement in driving this vehicle.


Seeing as this Land Rover is pretty much a semi-race-prepped variant for dirt and rally, the only question is: Will there be any events for this car to participate in locally? The interest for rally is still certainly alive, and while it’s probably more costly than running circuit, it looks to have twice the thrill too. Now all it needs is a proper venue to run!

Land Rover Defender 190 / Bowler D90 Gallery

Engine and Driveline (190bhp, 500Nm Tq)

Bowler Motorsport Stage 2 Engine Tune

Turbo Technics VGT Hybrid Turbo

Allisport Performance Intercooler

Silicone Hoses

3” Full Race Exhaust


Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

Bowler Motorsport Suspension System

  • Custom Spec Bilstein Dampers and Springs
  • ARB’s Bushes and Steering Dampers

Bowler Motorsport 18” Lightweight Wheels



Bowler Motorsport Aluminum Front Bumper

Bowler Motorsport Steering Guard

Bowler Motorsport Towing Eyes

Bowler Motorsport Sill Protectors

Bowler Motorsport Lightweight Rear Bumpers

Bowler Motorsport Extended Mudflaps

Bowler Motorsport Graphics



Momo Steering Wheel

Recaro Seats

Bowler Motorsport Billet Aluminum Shifters

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