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Honda Integra DC5

Wicked Integra DC5

With an awesome K-series engine under the hood and a fantastic chassis to build upon, the Integra (DC5) is certainly something highly desirable. Case in point here where were talking about a DC5 Type-R variant. Any Honda fanatic knows that whether it’s a Civic or an Integra, as long as it a legit Type-R, its […]

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Mister2Smooth – Toyota MR2

While most car builds revolve around the usual suspects like Hondas and Mitsubishis, its a refreshing sight to see someone delve into something different. How different? Well how about the curvaceous, second-gen Toyota MR2. With a mid-engine rear drive layout, 50-50-weight distribution and a perky 2.2-liter engine, it certainly has all the elements for the […]

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Track Runner: Toyota Corolla

When the owner of this stunning Toyota Corolla wanted to build a light and agile street/track car, he spared no expense in backing up the whole effort. After all, it was supposed to deliver a high level of performance in a car show-worthy package. Quite difficult and very costly, but based on the outcome and […]

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Vestito – Nissan 370Z

The 370Z came about when Nissan thought of refining the already alluring 350Z and looked for aspects that could be improved upon. Thankfully, it now sports more power, better handling and even blips the throttle for you during down shifts. Seriously, I mean what’s not to like about the 370Z? Well, if you’re a performance […]

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Tuned Ten

Tuned Ten: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution x

During the seventies, Hiroyuki Hasegawa, and his partner Mr. Kitagawa decided to start an aftermarket tuning company. Together with a capital infusion from Sigma Automotive Co. they started tuning engines and producing high performance parts. (Hence the name “HKS”). Aside from their popular turbocharger kits, mufflers and high end coilover’s, HKS is also well known […]

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Short throw Shifter

Drivetrain Modification

Enabling your Drivetrain to handle your “tuned” engine Opening the carbon fiber hood of your ride, you gaze at all those engine mods you made, like the HKS fuel rail, the SARD fuel pressure regulator, the TODA cams and adjustable cam gears, the RC fuel injectors, and all the go-fast engine goodies that just goes […]

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