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Lexus RX 450h by EST Styling

The Wilder Side of Lexus at SEMA 2010

Lexus has let some of America’s top custom car specialists loose on its hybrid models to mark its return this week to the 2010 SEMA auto trade show in Las Vegas. The result is a jaw-dropping display of giant rims, flared wheelarches, dazzling paintwork and outrageous body kits, plus high-performance axles, suspension systems and brakes. […]

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DTM BMW M6 Project Car

The Hunt for Horses – Part 1 DTM, or Design Technik Motorsports is the performance arm of local motor shop Autotechnika. Headed by tuner Tommy Teng, DTM specializes in modifying European makes, mostly those hailing from Deutschland. Armed with up-to-date automotive technology and a pool of tuning capabilities thanks to its extensive partners here and […]

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