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2010 Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Round 3

The Lateral Drift Championship series was revised for 2010 to merge both the Pro division and Amateur division into one series ran for 6 events with both classes running on the same weekend. Four legs were to be held in the Eastwood City open grounds while two would be in the Clark International Speedway.

The third round moved to Clark for fast paced high intensity sideways action after having run two rounds in Eastwood. The long track however proved to be more than what some expected it to be, as some cars broke down and relegated some competitors to watch from the sidelines instead of going sideways.

Norman Agojo drives his Skyline hard in Amateur Division

Mike Tuason and Mark Rosca battle it out for the win

Jason “The Destroyer” Choachuy wows the crowd with his daring drift maneuvers

One of the more exciting tandem battles between Alex Perez and Boodie Dabasol

RJ Obiedo versus “The Destroyer”

Blanco against Agregado in a highly competitive tandem battle

RJ Obiedo going sideways with his Hankook S15

Pro Division
1. Gio Rodriguez
2. RJ Obiedo
3. Jason Choachuy

Amateur Division
1. Mike Tuason
2. Mark Rosca
3. Norman Agojo

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